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  • Retouching | Restoration
Restoration Level 1 $49.00 - Scratches and Fading
Restoration Level 2 $60.00 - Small Tears, bring back to true B&W, repair skin
problems and torn corners- call for bigger issues

Eye Glass Glare $24.00 ___________ Shiny Spots on Faces $9.00

Remove Braces $49.00___________Professional Sharpening $5.00

Flash/Hot Spots $ 9.00____________Dodge/Burn $6.00

Swapping Heads $30.00___________Swapping Eyes $25.00

Color Toning $25.00___________Edges,textures, $ 3.00

Change Color Garment _________________$15.00
Change Hair Color______________________$15.00

If your not sure which level of service that you need, email the file for evaluation -
General Questions Click - CONTACT link at the top of the page

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